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Date/Time: Sat, May 6th 2023 | 8am-5pm
Location: Durham Region (TBA)
"Education is Like A Stove: 
Buy It Once, Use It Forever"
- Ryan Carr
In this one-day smash-n-grab WORKSHOP, using real world examples, Ryan breaks down how to build a profitable Triplex from the ground up, what it costs, and how to protect against downside risk.

This will be a jam packed session where we will talk about the three key principles of #TheHighestAndBestUse:
  • The Highest And Best Use Of The Land
  • The Highest And Best Use Of The Structure
  • The Highest And Best Use Of Your Own Skill Sets & Time


Saturday, May 6th 2023

8:00am to 5:00pm EST

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What We Will Cover During The WORKSHOP

Land: Zoning, site plan design, engineering, grading, studies, Bill 23, parking, density, neighborhood character, hidden costs, where is the money made or lost?

Structure: Construction budget, construction techniques, built form, site servicing for utilities, optimizing for profit, loss avoidance, hidden costs, development charges/ frontage fees/ cash in lieu, tear down vs retrofit

Skills/ Time: What are you good at? Should you self-manage? How long does it take to build? What to do when someone says no, common misconceptions, important terminology, working with neighbors, building in the winter

As well as common questions such as:

1. How do you start this process?
2. How big should the lot be?
3. How long does it take to build?
4. How do you finance the build?
5. How do you exit?
6. Where can things go wrong?
7. What's your price per square foot? (Why Ryan hates this question).

Free Bonus: 
Get the spreadsheet Ryan uses to calculate new construction profits and losses.

Date, Time, Location, Etc.

Date & Time

This full-day WORKSHOP will be hosted on Saturday May 6th, 2023. It will be a jam-packed day starting at 8am sharp, and ending at 5pm. Tea from Letterpress Tea, coffee and light fare will be provided. Includes 45 minutes for lunch. 


The workshop will be held at a venue in Durham Region, Ontario, likely along the 401 corridor. The exact venue will be announced closer to the event and attendees will be notified of the exact address + parking availability by email. 

Registration Fee

The fee to attend this in person WORKSHOP is $1497 plus tax. Please note, another version of this workshop will eventually be rolled out to the general public, starting at nearly twice the price (and only go up from there). 

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Have you purchased The Highest & Best Use Playbook by Ryan Carr? If so, you are eligible for a $100 discount!

Just Complete The Following Steps Before or After Ticket Purchase:
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2. Tag @thehighestandbestuse <on instagram or "The Highest and Best Use Real Estate" on FB>, and use #thehighestandbestuse
3. Checkout for the event using the "Discount Admission" ticket option. 

You might be asking, how will we know if you completed the above steps? Well, we probably won't!  We believe in the value of honesty and a handshake, this promo is no different. This promo is enforced using the honour system, and we simply ask that you don't select the "discounted admission" option at checkout if you have not completed the required steps.

Featured On...
"This System Is A Game Changer"

“Thank you for your help! After working with Ryan, I now have a better understanding of how to spot promising opportunities. This system is a game-changer and has helped to significantly increase the growth of my real estate portfolio."

"Changed The Way I Look At Real Estate Investing"
“This changed the way I look at Real Estate Investing. Prior to Ryan, I was struggling to find deals. Ever since I started using the highest and best use principles, I've seen a huge growth in the number of properties I'm able to find and the amount of money I'm able to make on these properties." 
Frequently Asked Questions
What Will I Actually Learn?
How to build a new construction triplex from start to finish. We will talk about the land, the structure, and personal skills required to accomplish this.
What Won't I learn?
To become a true expert in any craft takes years, and thousands of hours. This course won’t make you an expert in any one discipline on its own. It will shed considerable light on many facets of the industry, construction, land planning, budget, and skill building. Consider this a tool in your tool pouch, or a block in your foundation of knowledge.
Why Should I Spend Money To Come?
If you don’t feel the course has value to your business, Don’t! If you feel that you can monetize even 1 single idea from the course, or meet someone new, or see opportunities from a different perspective, this might be for you. If there’s 1 main objective from the event, it’s to learn at least 1 new thing that you didn’t know before. Just 1. Education is like a stove, buy it once, use it forever.
Will Ryan Stick Around After The Event To Answer Questions?
He sure will. Ryan will stick around as long as needed, and is very much looking forward too engaging with everyone during and after the WORKSHOP is completed.
Can We Ask Questions During The Event?
Absolutely. Bring the questions with you, or formulate them as we move through the day. Question are encouraged and help tailor the event to you specifically while everyone else benefits from the ask.
Is There Parking?
Yes, parking details will be provided closer to the event.
What Happens If I'm Late?
You will banished from society (Not really..). But, do be a smidge early and have a drink with the folks at your table. It’s always beneficial to start the day off right.
Are There Any Course Materials Provided?
Yes there will be course material and handouts provided upon your arrival and during the course.
Can I bring my spouse/ business partner/ Joint venture partner/ etc?
Yep. The course fee is per seat, bring along any strategic relationships that you feel may benefit from the event.
Should I bring a copy of “The Highest and Best Use Playbook? 
For sure. Bring it with, grab a photo, get it signed, ask a question related to the course material from the book, etc. It’s a playbook for you to use as a tool, make it yours.
Will there be videography and photos taking place during the day?
 Yes, the event will be recorded via video and photography. Testimonials would be very much appreciated if you’re feeling spunky and enjoy the content. Note: There WILL NOT be an online stream of this event. In person only.
What If I Change My Mind After Purchasing A Ticket? 
Please note that all ticket sales are non refundable, non transferable. We have to reserve and prepare a venue well in advanced, this requires us to have a confirmation of attendance before doing so. Once you commit, we plan to see you there!
Are You A Professional?
I am a professional nothing. I’m not a mortgage broker, accountant, real estate agent, lawyer, etc. What I don’t have is a professional designation to any of these disciplines. What I do have is real world experience. It’s my job as an active investor to take advice from what all of these folks noted here do, and package those thoughts into potential opportunities that we call “deals”. This course is purely based on my opinion, and on what has worked for me in the past. Always consult professional advice for your circumstance.
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