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The Highest and Best Use Playbook

Finding the Unfair Advantage Over Your Real Estate Competition.

Ryan Carr is a full-time real estate investor from the Greater Toronto Area. He specializes in finding the highest and best use of real property, and coaching other to do the same. 
Ryan has been known in the past for his knack at finding “hidden opportunity”, and is also a regular contributor to Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine.
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"Education is Like A Stove: 
Buy It Once, Use It Forever"
- Ryan Carr
The content in this book will show you the 3 best ways to actually WIN in real estate using the “Highest And Best Use” principles. These principles are:

  • The Highest And Best Use Of The Land
  • The Highest And Best Use Of The Structure
  • The Highest And Best Use Of Your Own Skill Sets & Time
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Coming January 2023
About The Book 

A textbook case of how residential investor Ryan Carr flipped a mass job layoff in his mid 20’s to a 7-figure real estate fortune before the age of 30. In this book, Ryan extracts the nectar from multiple “Highest And Best Use” techniques; and rolls them into bite-size pieces so you can do it too

Learn how to spot opportunities through the industry’s least talked about, and highest ROI subject. If you’re a real estate agent, use the book to find untapped deals for your clients. If you’re an investor, drive value for yourself and your partners. If you’re a homeowner, capitalize on the property that your friends passed up on. 

Ryan shows you how he finds opportunity in any situation through: 

  • Flipping (Physical Construction, Forced Appreciation, Wholesaling)
  • Residential 2 unit conversions (several methods Including “The Vertical Split” technique)
  • ​Infill Development (Severances, New homes, Land Plays, Zoning/ Planning)
  • Multi Family Value Adds (Cap Rate Multiplier, Adding Density, Changing Use)
  • ​Financing Techniques (Private Funds, VTB, LOC’s, Credit Card Hacks)

"Good Deals Are Found, Great Deals Are Created."

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Worked For Ryan Carr!
Ryan Carr Has Been Featured On:
"This System Is A Game Changer"

“Thank you for your help! After working with Ryan, I now have a better understanding of how to spot promising opportunities. This system is a game-changer and has helped to significantly increase the growth of my real estate portfolio."

"Changed The Way I Look At Real Estate Investing"
“This changed the way I look at Real Estate Investing. Prior to Ryan, I was struggling to find deals. Ever since I started using the highest and best use principles, I've seen a huge growth in the number of properties I'm able to find and the amount of money I'm able to make on these properties." 
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